Since 1998 Oliveras, Caussa i Associats SL (OCbcn) offers consulting services to organizations  with the knowledge and experience of its founder, Jordi Oliveras Coll, to analyze problems, design strategies, mobilize  resources and assume, if required, management responsibilities.

Throughout all this time, OCbcn has helped companies and institutions to solve complex situations and launch various initiatives, actively contributing to some of the large public-private ventures that the city of Barcelona has hosted since the Olympic Games of 1992.

During these last years, OCbcn has been setting up its own business group, based on the creation of innovative companies in different sectors of activity, with the aim of positioning itself in the market and generating capital gains to keep growing.

A way of working based on the primacy of the global vision over the conjunctural fact

Acting with transparency, strict independence and respect for ethical standards

Activating, when appropriate, its accredited network of expert collaborators

Committing to the objectives and adjusting the remuneration based on the result